Syrian Army shoots down Israel’s intruding fighter jet and two helicopters ~ [Report]

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SyrianFreePress-troops participate in a live fire exercise-3

Syria ups the ante and shoots down Zionist F-16 bomber and helicopters; Syria pulls out all the plugs!

by Ziad Fadel, Syrian Perspective, 22 August 2015

It had to happen, sooner or later.  The seeming diffidence of the Syrian brass had to transform into a bolder and more pugnacious articulation of Syria’s right to self-defense. 

With Russia now inevitably bound to the Syrian government for reasons discussed at length on our website; and Iran, now dazzled by a new role to play in regional politics;  the green light turned on, finally, with Moscow withdrawing all restrictions on the use of advanced weaponry sold to the Syrian military.

If you want to know what the former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Martin Dempsey, meant when he told Congress Syria had a “robust air defense system”, the Zionists just found out for themselves.

Yesterday, there was despondence after the Zionist Ghetto State…

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