The Slog


Designed in a newly constructed factory in Stuttgart using Turkish robot androids, the new 6-reverse-gears  Backout launches today, and will cater for all Greek visitors. Uniquely, it promises free travel for all German, Dutch, Belgian and Greek élite carpetbaggers, plus 100% fuel economy for accredited Troikanauts and that’s a promise: yes, thanks to the advanced bloodsuck feature developed in Cyprus, absolutely no fuel will be wasted on the Greek economy – paving the way for a new era in Transnational High-Efficiency Fukyoo Transactions or THEFT.

  • All tyres fully guaranteed against scorched-earth damage
  • Tinted windows to ensure that every privatisation remains completely private
  • Enlarged boot space allowing maximum out-of-sight infrastructural storage
  • Fitted with fully operational Verhofstat Guydance system to pinpoint free money outlets
  • ABS++ control for navigating deep slush-funds.

Inspired by this reality:

‘The 29-page MoU document requires wide-ranging and specific reforms to be implemented according to a precise timetable….actions…

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