Abbas: Islamic State operating in Gaza

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Hamas previously denied jihadist group’s presence in the Strip; Israel has accused the two of cooperating.

President Obama entertain Abbas. In the Iran deal both the Hamas and Hisballah will get fresh funds. President Obama entertain Abbas. As a part of the «Iran deal», also the Hamas and Hisballah will get fresh funds from Washington D.C.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday that Islamic State extremists have established a presence in the Gaza Strip, Army Radio reported.

At a meeting with Jordanian parliament members, Abbas also reportedly spoke of stalled peace talks and said the international community was currently too preoccupied with the Iranian nuclear accord to give its attention to the Palestinian conundrum.

In December, Hamas denied the presence of the Islamic State in the Gaza Strip, after fliers signed by the jihadist organization emerged there, threatening women and intellectuals.

Source: The Times of Israel.

My comment:

Mahmoud Abbas, alias Abu Mazen is a Holocaust denier, and the head of terrorist organization al-Fatah.  Therefore he…

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