Today in Military History: July 15, 1410:Battle of Tannenberg/Grunwald: Polish-Lithuanian Army Defeats Teutonic Knights


by Siggurdsson


Battle of Tannenberg/Grunwald: Polish-Lithuanian Army Defeats Teutonic Knights
Oil on canvas painting, on display at the National Museum of Warsaw, Poland
Lithuanian Duke Vytautus – in red velvet – at center, wielding one of the Grunwald Swords
(Unless otherwise indicated, all illustrations are courtesy of Wikipedia)

One of the most famous fighting organizations of the Middle Ages was the Teutonic Knights, a religious crusading order that attained a unique position in the late Middle Ages. While their brother orders (the Templars, the Hospitallers, etc.) acquired great monetary wealth and prestige, the Teutonic Knights also managed to own large parcels of land in what is today eastern Germany, northern Poland, Latvia and Estonia. Today’s military history highlight was probably the most famous battle in their history.

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