Damascus ~ Qunaytra ~ Qalamoon ~ Syrian Army and Allies Rack Up Victory after Victory

Piazza della Carina

armyI am having a delightful morning reviewing articles in the western press.  I am particularly interested in those treating the newly-formed Saudi-Turkish-Qatari alliance and the evolution of the Jaysh Al-Fath group.   They were very blunt: either get your act together, or we’re not going to give you money and arms.  Interestingly, “globalist” Takfeeri terrorist groups were left out in what appears to be a gesture to Obama offering up the alternative of a Takfiri group whose Weltanschauung is limited only to Saudi Arabia’s and Turkey’s bete noir, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad. 

But, the Turks and Saudis don’t understand the dynamics of this conflict because both sides in Riyaadh and Ankara are historically stunted offshoots of now-extinct quadripedal apes.  They just don’t get it.  Here’s the news as I am receiving it from both Latakia and Damascus:

Russia has increased delivery of advanced weapons systems via the ports of Tartous

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