STOA Annual Report 2014: Take a look, tell us what you think


Written by Nera Kuljanic and Sara Cagol

For STOA, Parliament’s in-house source for expert scientific advice on techno-scientific issues, 2014 was marked by continuity on the one hand, and important changes on the other, both aiming to enhance the quality, variety and relevance of STOA activities and products. These are summarised in the newly-published Annual Report 2014.

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The changes had a positive impact on STOA’s structure and mandate. Following the European elections in May 2014, the new STOA Panel was convened by the EP Vice-President responsible for STOA, Mairead McGuinness, in October 2014. During that meeting the members of the STOA Panel elected Paul Rübig as Chair, and Eva Kaili and Evžen Tošenovský as First and Second Vice-Chairs respectively. Their mandate covers the first half of the 8th legislature.

As from 2014, STOA was tasked with a new responsibility: pursuing a foresight role in the areas of science and…

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