Philomena explains the election

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It’s less than an hour and a half until Philomena is on Charlie Brooker’s «Election Wipe» special in the UK (BBC2, 9 pm). So make your plans now, have a Sambuca and a gin-and-tonic, and reader Philomena’s guide to the election from yesterday’s Guardian.  An excerpt:

Can you explain Farage, Clegg, Cameron, Sturgeon and Miliband?

Farage is the new one who looks like Fozzie Bear trying to sneak into Parliament by putting Kermit on his shoulders, poking out the top of a stolen suit.

Clegg – I’ve got a trick for remembering which one he is: I think of which one I can’t remember and that’s him. . .

What is a coalition?

It’s when two cars bump into each other, but not so badly that anyone’s dead.

I expect reports.


h/t: Brian, Julian

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