Syrian Women’s Commandos Actively Operating in Damascus Cuntryside: we are all with you, Syrian lionesses

the real Syrian Free Press


Several new photos of women fighters, of Syrian Arab Army’s special units, are facing the armed mercenary gangs in south Damascus countryside.

The photos, captured a few days ago, are showing Syrian girls and ladies fighters of the Women Special Commando Units: some of them preparing their weapons, amminitions, or waiting for their moment to fight, on top of a tank, in Damascus countryside, 19/3/2015.


The photos revealed a group of several armed women-fighters heading to the front lines, while other fighters are preparing their weapons, holding weapons, or ready to get inside an armed vehicle, for going to the frontline to smash the criminals gangs.


They have suffered too many deaths andmartyrsin their families. They goto claim thedeathof too manyof their martyrs children, husbands, fathers, brothers, grandparents. They go toconfirm thedignityandthe honor of…

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