GEOPOLITICS: The four-dimensional art of watching for the blinks

The Slog

Time was with shuttle diplomacy when, while there were lots of grim faces, dramatic flights, and flash-bulb press conferences, everyone was reasonably clear on the issue of why TF so and so might be visiting Ukraine or Tel Aviv or Teheran or Berlin or wherever. Not so today.

Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel flew to meet with Vladimir Putin three days ago, and it did seem to be all about trying to get peace in Ukraine, her finding the Yanks too aggressive and trying to calm Rasputin down. But then she wandered off to Kiev or somewhere to have a chat with Mrs Slimeygecko, the former Ukrainian PM….and the two were photographed like little Mädchen, vowing eternal mutual devotion while debating the price of Bratwurst.

Who is she for or against…or is she genuinely neutral? I do not have a clue –  but I expect that Geli the Bloke Impaler…

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