Hollande sez France doesn’t Want the Ukraine in NATO nor Wants to Send Them Arms

Voices from Russia



French President François Hollande told a press conference in Paris that France finds Ukrainian NATO membership «undesirable» and that Paris doesn’t plan to supply arms to the Ukraine, saying, «We must state it clearly, we should tell other countries the truth, including about what we aren’t ready to accept. This is France’s position». He noted that Paris is ready to do everything possible to prevent war in the Ukraine by diplomatic means, «France doesn’t fight in the Ukraine and doesn’t want to see war in the Ukraine; we want to prevent war. We must do everything possible in order for diplomacy and politics to gain the upper hand». Earlier, Hollande said that he’d travel to Kiev with German Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel on Thursday to seek a solution to the intensifying conflict in Novorossiya. On Friday, Hollande and Merkel will hold talks with President V V Putin. Presidential Press Secretary

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