America’s Altered State of Consciousness by Dmitriy Sedov

Piazza della Carina


There are many closed societies in the West with powerful arsenals of means to control collective consciousness. They use this potential in their interests. From this point of view the presidential annual State of the Union address is a routine act of brainwashing to make American caravan go on while the dogs (or the ill-wishers inside and outside the country) bark.

What if someone tries to imagine a different type of President’s behavior using the scientific approach to altered consciousness? For instance, if a US President starts his State of the Union address with the words, «I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, I have lied to you for such a long time. I have always wished you well, but some people in our country made me spend your money to expand the US military presence in far-away countries. These people made our forces go to Afghanistan. We have spent 13 years…

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