SYRIZA Surge Discombobulates Rabid Right… Look for Taki and Dreher to Issue Baldfaced Lies

Voices from Russia

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Euroised Greece. 2012


Read this. The right is shitting bricks in fright. Look for Taki and his pal Dreher to issue lies in favour of the neofascist Golden Dawn stormtroopers. However, does that surprise you? The Republicans supported Nazis after World War II, as they hated the left so much (everyone knows how they protected Galician, Latvian, and Estonian SS murderers). Today, they support neofascist juntas in Croatia, Bosnia, Latvia, and Estonia, and they support the Uniate neofascist pigs in the Ukraine. Dreher is supposedly Orthodox, but like California Fats and Potapov, he supports the enemies of the Rodina. The American Conservative is an unashamed Far Right crapitalist rag that defends the Affluent Effluent… it has Taki on its staff… he’s the epitome of the lazy parasite who’s never done a day’s worth of honest labour in his life.

SYRIZA scares the right shitless. By the way, it wouldn’t interfere in the…

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