The last Mojito in Dresden


The last Mojito in Dresden


Ok. This is not a piece about the last mojito in Dresden. For all I know there are plenty of mojitos to be had in the quaint German Town. Although, it is so cold in Dresden, that understandably there could be a run on mojitos.

As a Puerto Rican who travels on business quite frequently and for vacation somewhat, I am often searching, high and low, for a mojito. To my absolute delight and puzzlement, there are mojitos everywhere in Berlin. And, they are cheap. Happy hour mojitos are less than 4 Euros at most restaurants I have passed by in Berlin. The city of Berlin has been a veritable winter wonderland with beautiful sceneries just begging to be photographed.   Of course, while the scenery is beautiful to the camera’s eye, the hand catches frostbite. Can you catch or do you get frostbite. Yes, get…

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