Yueh Hai Ching Temple 粤海清庙…….. My thoughts after its makeover


This is the place that i use to visit with Grandma when I was a little boy. And then as i grew into adulthood, i went with my dad and now that i am working, I came with the office as they engaged the temple to help in gathering blessings for their businesses for the new year.

This place is about 130 years old ? Wiki says it was build in between 1850 – 1855. Which means when i first knew it, it was already «grandfather», now 35 years have passed since i first known «grandfather», «He» has undergone various transformation now that it is listed as a heritage site. «He’s» got new roof, new sculpture figurines done up by some experts in China and re-installed here, a spanking new coat of paint………

But something went lost……how should i put it ?

OK, lets say you are used to Grandfather smoking…

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