First noms in India

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It’s appropriate that my first post from India (and posting will be light after I leave Delhi on Wednesday morning) is on food: in particular, my first meal in Delhi. Here is a lovely lunch that my hosts prepared.

Here we have, clockwise from bottom left, potatoes and onions, eggplant and chilis, kebabs with shredded chicken, then the big dish of fish with vegetables, potatoes in tomato sauce, dal (lentils) and dahi vada (savory lentil pastries in a yogurt sauce).

Lunch Oy, was I full!

Below are special breads, like chappatis but filled with pureed peas. We ate with our hands, of course, using rice, these breads, and puris to help us grasp the food. (I always eat Indian food with my hands, as is the national custom—right hand only!—much to the chagrin of my friends in America.


The potatoes in tomato sauce and the breads were made by a special guest, Mr…

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