EU-Georgia Association Agreement


Written by Naja Bentzen
6 language versions available in PDF format

Assoziierungsabkommen EU-Georgien

El Acuerdo de Asociación UE – Georgia

Accord d’association UE-Géorgie

Accordo di associazione UE-Georgia

Układ o stowarzyszeniu między UE a Gruzją

EU-Georgia Association Agreement

Since the 2003 Rose Revolution, Georgia has continually strengthened its ties with the EU. The June 2014 signature of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement sparked increasing Russian pressure on the beleaguered government in Tbilisi over its pro-European foreign policy course.

Milestones and obstacles on Georgia’s European path

Georgia has made steady progress on its pro-Western course since 1992, when the country regained sovereignty after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Ties with the EU intensified after the ‘Rose Revolution’ in 2003, and Tbilisi has worked consistently towards political and economic reforms, supported by the EU within the Eastern Partnership (EaP), part of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). Since elections in 2012 and 2013…

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