Corrupt Spanish minister resigns

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 26 November 2014 video is called Spain Health Minister Ana Mato quits over ‘benefits’ from kickback scheme.

One should hope that other corrupt politicians in the present Spanish government, including the Prime Minister Rajoy, and corrupt royal family members, should go the same way as Ms Ana Mato today.

From The Local In Spain:

Health minister steps down over graft probe

26 Nov 2014 20:13 GMT+01:00

Spain’s health minister Ana Mato resigned on Wednesday after a judge ruled she had benefitted from alleged illegal dealings carried out by her former husband as part of Spain’s infamous Gürtel kickbacks scandal.

Mato’s resignation came after a judge investigating an alleged kickback scheme at the heart of the Spanish prime minister’s conservative Popular Party ruled on Wednesday that there was enough evidence to try over 40 people for corruption.

The massive bribes for contracts scheme, known as the «Gürtel»…

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