Bashar Al-Jaafari: «There is moral problem with how the UN Secretariat is dealing with terrorism in Syria»

the real Syrian Free Press


New York, SANA_ Syria’s Permanent representative to the United Nations Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that there is a moral problem regarding the way in which the United Nations Secretariat is dealing with terrorism in Syria.

Al-Jaafari’s remark was made in a statement following a meeting of the UN Security Council on Thursday to discuss issues related to the crisis in Syria with the participation of the UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura and Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Kyung-wha Kang via the internet from Geneva.

Syria’s Representative said that holding a joint session including those who are responsible for the political file and humanitarian one together to discuss the situation relevant to the so-called Syrian crisis poses a positive development since that in one meeting, members of the UN Security Council managed to consider the political and humanitarian aspects of the issue at the same time.

Al-Jaafari voiced…

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