Single Market in Transport and Tourism: Cost of Non-Europe Report


  • Single Market in Transport and Tourism : Cost of Non-Europe Report

© Ersler Dmitry 2012 / © Ersler Dmitry 2012 /

Significant progress has been achieved during the last 20 years in creating a Single Market for Transports. European tourism is and will remain a vital component of the economy, with enormous economic potential. Both sectors suffer however from remaining barriers, gaps and market inefficiencies that create substantial costs and that could be addressed through further action at EU level.

The gains that could be achieved from addressing the identified issues have been estimated at 8.6 billion euro annually for the transport sector and 6.2 billion euro annually for the tourism sector. Creating a fully integrated transport sector and a more efficient tourism sector will also mean improved mobility, better environmental sustainability, enhanced internal cohesion and international competitiveness of the EU.

Action in these two sectors can be seen as a key driver of EU growth and as a response on how to face the…

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