Links on the Islamic State – from Burke to Esposito, Rogers to Zizek

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_76864500_airstrike_iraq_syria_isis_08_08_14_624mapv2Back in June I posted a number of links – Explaining ISIS/ISIL – a roundup of things to read. Here are some more on the recent events. I’ve not generally linked to major news sources other than the Jason Burke piece and the BBC report, in part because of its good maps.

Iraq’s Jihadi Jack-in-the-Box – International Crisis Group Briefing

Paul Rogers, The Iraq Crisis: A Briefing Series – Oxford Research Group (four parts to date)

Jason Burke – The Isis leader’s vision of the state is a profoundly contemporary oneThe Guardian

Franco Galdini, The IS Blowback, Warscapes

Slavoj Žižek, ISIS is a disgrace to true fundamentalism, New York Times, 4 September 2014

John Esposito, How to Defeat a Phony Caliphate, Informed Comment

BBC News – What is Islamic State?

Update: Noam Chomsky, Owl of Minerva’s View: ISIS and Our Times

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