Hiking Mt. Pulag, Mountain Province, Philippines

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Hiking Mt. Pulag was not part of the plan, it was a result of my desire to further enjoy the cold climate of the north and the serenity that mountainous landscape offers.

I don’t want to come back to a loud metro just yet, so after an overnight bus trip from Banaue to Baguio and after a day rest I decided that hiking Mt. Pulag is a must.

At 2,922m height above sea level and officially designated as 3rd highest peak in the country, climbing Mt. Pulag is often consider as one of the best hiking expedition in the Philippines.

Every year thousands of Filipinos normally in huge mountaineering and expedition group scale the peak of Mt. Pulag, however my experience led me to believe that Mt. Pulag can be done independently.

After asking around in Baguio, I was advised to go to a transport terminal called Slaughterhouse and ask…

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