Orthodox in Novorossiya Form Volunteer Opolchenie Battalion

Voices from Russia

00 smashing taruta's HQ in Donetsk 01. 05.05.14

The people’s vengeance will NOT be denied (this is the oligarch Taruta’s offices in Donetsk… the people trashed them)! The Church SUPPORTS nationalisation of the oligarchs’ assets for the common good of the people… it does NOT support greedster crapitalism!


On Wednesday, the Novorossiya Union of Orthodox Citizens told Interfax-Religion that it formed the «Orthodox Awakening» (Православный восход) volunteer opolchenie battalion. It said, «The ‘Orthodox Awakening’ battalion will fight alongside the people’s opolchenie, the people’s army of Orthodox Holy Rus. We’ll fight in a united front for Holy Rus and the Holy Orthodox Faith!» They told us that all junta military units in Lugansk and to the east of the city rallied to the side of the Lugansk People’s Republic. «Thus, more and more citizens and more and more soldiers come over to the side of Novorossiya; more people are willing to take up arms to protect their historic homeland, their families, and…

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