A Tibetan Settlement on Ladakh’s Changtang Plateau

nomadruss in words and photos

After Sumdho, the road begins a subtle ascent past sulfurous hot springs and grasslands with salt lakes that bring in gulls, black necked cranes, and other migratory birds. I was looking out the left hand side of the jeep when I saw a young boy all alone on the plains. Initially I was alarmed at such a prospect, until I turned to the other side and saw that we’d arrived at the village of Puga. Puga is another seasonal camp of Tibetan nomadic refugees. Tents lie along a rutted strip of asphalt that eventually crosses a high pass leading to Tso Kar Lake, where we’ll head in the next post.

Along with my two traveling companions, we stopped in the village to discuss future first aid training through a local non-government organization, http://www.mountainleadership.org. Through it all I was able to continue documenting some of the daily life of these…

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