Traveling with Ladakh’s Karnak Nomads (from the archives)

nomadruss in words and photos

I’m digging deep into the archives for this one. These images were made on June 5, 2005 while I was traveling with the Karnak Nomads of Ladakh. Ladakh is situated in the Indian Himalaya and these photographs were made on the Changtang Plateau, which is an extension of the Tibetan Plateau that reaches into India. The Karnak nomads are technically semi-nomadic, as they travel to the same pastures in a seasonally migratory pattern.

At the end of this day I was both exhausted and happy. I had all my gear on my back and would get ahead of the caravan so that I could photograph, they would all pass me, I would run to the front and make some photographs again. I’ve included the rare self-portrait with this one. All of these photos were made with the old Nikon D100.

I’m currently in Ladakh doing some documentary work for the

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