Day 104: Warmth

Kathryn Dawson Photography

“I’m trying to remember how you tell the time by looking at the sun.»

«I should leave it for a while, it’s too bright to see the numbers at the moment.”
― Terry Pratchett

Once again, we have been incredibly lucky with the weather and so headed to the meadow for a comparison to how it was a few weeks ago when everywhere was flooded. It was still spongy in places, but the difference was amazing. The new lakes and rivers that had formed have mostly disappeared.





We decided to try and teach Buddy a bit more swimming, the weather was warm enough for it and he seemed more grown up and brave compared to last year. Not only did he swim, but he also followed William out across the lakes on random bits of precariously balanced tree trunks.




He needed a little coaxing to do so though! But once…

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