THE SATURDAY ESSAY: How Ted the fake and Milt the flake created the deadly disease of neoliberal globalism.

The Slog

rockefellerptnetA leading globalist speaks

The disaster at Fukushima continues to rumble on, but unfortunately 95% of the world can’t hear the sound of toxic materials entering the Pacific Ocean….and 50% of the 5% are fully employed lying about it, while the other 50% are dying from it. So for the moment, it’s on the back burner having its calamity flavour intensified, before being freeze-dried and placed in the Too Difficult to Solve drawer.

But trust me, it could be a lot worse. Do not dismiss this as either humour or smugness: I’m serious.

Imagine a world in which, in order to fire millions of people and inflate 15,000 egos, all the badly-built Russian and GE-designed Fukushimas on Earth had been joined together to create an enormous global chain of infinite energy – such that all the reactors in China getting Brazil syndrome would communicate it within days (or even hours)…

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