EBBSFLEET: The water-pressure rises on George Osborne

The Slog

Oh dear, it’s not looking good for the Chancellor…the Ebbsfleet jokes are pouring in.
Is this Osborne’s watergate? Is he floating the idea of a recovery? Will all Ebbsfleet residents be able to go for a double-dip every day? Will the Chancellor sink without trace?

Lest we forget, this is the bloke whose comment on Somerset levels flood was «I think everyone accepts that most flooding is caused by rain».
Waydergo sums-man….but just to be on the safe side, let’s put our new Garden City «at severe risk of sea flooding consequences…» (North Kent flood management).

Should George have held his water before getting over his head in hot water? Has this cockup blown his career out of the water? Or will this soon be water under the bridge, because with George it’s all just water off a duck’s back?



ebbsnigeptnetDid Kent flood management know Osborne was going to mouth…

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