Ukraine: Crucible Of Intensifying Conflict Between West And Russia

For peace, against war: literary selections

February 21, 2014

1) White House demands Ukrainian government withdraw all security force from center of capital
2) Putin meets Russia’s Security Council members to discuss Ukraine crisis
3) European Union agrees to fast-track sanctions against Ukraine
4) Russia foreign minister slams threat of sanctions against Ukraine
5) Ukrainian Health Ministry: Kiev death toll reaches 75
6) Interior Ministry: Sixteen police officers killed
7) Belarusian president sends condolences to his Ukrainian counterpart


February 20, 2014

White House demands from Yanukovych to withdraw forces from center of Kyiv

The leadership of the USA demanded from the Ukrainian President to withdraw all security forces from the center of Kyiv and to allow opposition to hold the protest actions.

The United States calls the Ukrainian authorities to withdraw special subdivisions from the center of Kyiv and calls opposition to hold peaceful protests,  Press Secretary of the President of the…

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