Russia May Leave START III Over U.S.-NATO Missile Shield

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Voice of Russia
February 2, 2014

Russia may quit START III after US deploys destroyer in Europe

U.S. Navy intercepts malfunctioning intellegence satellite
Standard Missile-3 launch

If the US continues to boost its anti-missile capabilities through developing missile defense system in Europe, Russia may have no other option but to withdraw from the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), warns the Russian Foreign Ministry’s top disarmament official, Mikhail Ulyanov. The news comes as the US’s ballistic missile defense destroyer has been deployed in Spain to strengthen NATO’s anti-missile shield in Europe.

The move, allegedly aimed at neutralizing the Iranian threat, has sparked polemics about Russia’s possible withdrawal from the START nuclear treaty.

Deployment of the Navy destroyer USS Donald Cook, equipped with the Aegis shipboard integrated combat weapons system, was announced by the US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel at the Munich Security Conference.

«An important posture enhancement is European missile defense in response to ballistic missile threats…

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