German militarism reviving

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This video is called German Militarism 1871-1914.

By Ulrich Rippert in Germany:

German government announces the end of military restraint

1 February 2014

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian Democratic Union, CDU) began her government statement on Wednesday with explicit support for the anti-government demonstrations in Ukraine. Although the demonstrations are under the leadership of extreme right-wing and in part openly fascist politicians, she declared that the Chancellery, the Foreign Ministry and the German Embassy in Kiev supported the opposition “with all means available to us.”

Merkel said that she was very impressed by the “courageous demonstrations for Europe”. The protesters in Kiev aspired to the same values “which we also follow in the European Union” and must therefore find a hearing. The Chancellor made it clear that the German government was involved at all levels in the preparation and organisation of the Ukrainian demonstrations.

Foreign Minister

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