NATO Military Chiefs Boost European Union Intengration

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Allied Command Transformation

January 24, 2014

SACT Joins Chiefs of Defence during Meetings in Brussels
ACT Public Affairs

NATO Chiefs of Defence meetings - Joint Press Conference with the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe and Supreme Allied Commander Transformation

NATO Chiefs of Defence concluded a two-day meeting at NATO Headquarters in Brussels January 23 by identifying the future priorities in NATO military Operations, Partnerships and Transformation, and setting the basis for the work on the 2014 NATO Summit deliverables.

Concerning Partnership and Transformation, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) French Air Force General Jean-Paul Paloméros contributed with five main speeches focusing on Partnership; Connected Forces Initiative (CFI) Implementation; Future Framework for Alliance Operations (FFAO); Smart Defence; Cyber in the NATO Defence Planning Process.

SACT updated the Chiefs of Defence (CHODs) on strategic engagements with all partners and opportunities through Smart Defence and CFI, and their participation in education, training and exercises. «The Smart Defence initiative has also proved to be an opportunity to develop NATO’s relationship with the…

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