‘Mars was habitable long ago’

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12 March 2013

NASA’s Curiosity rover found oxygen, water, sulfate and other elements in a rock sample from Mars.

From Space.com:

Ancient Mars May Have Been Habitable for Hundreds of Millions of Years

by Mike Wall, Senior Writer | January 23, 2014 02:01pm ET

Mars may have been capable of supporting microbial life for hundreds of millions of years in the ancient past, new findings from a long-lived Red Planet rover suggest.

NASA’s Opportunity rover, which celebrates 10 years of Mars exploration on Friday (Jan. 24), has uncovered evidence that benign, nearly neutral-pH water flowed on the Red Planet around 4 billion years ago.

These results, reported today (Jan. 23) in the journalScience, complement the recent work of NASA’s bigger, newer Curiosity rover, which discovered a potentially habitable lake and groundwater system in a different Martian locale dating from…

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