Re-reading the first two chapters of Discipline and Punish and Surveiller et punier

Progressive Geographies

Discipline_and_PunishI’ve spent the day in the State Library of Victoria, re-reading the first two chapters of Discipline and Punish and comparing them carefully to Surveiller et punir. This took me much longer than anticipated. I knew this text well – I’ve taught it quite a few times, in different contexts, and written about it in Chapter 5 of Mapping the Present. But this reading threw up lots of new perspectives and surprises, and I’m only two chapters in.

– Some of these new thoughts were in relation to reading it in the light of La société punitive, but also Lectures on the Will to Know, and what we currently know of Théories et institutions pénales. In particular, the discussion of proof, ordeal and examination trades on these courses.

surveiller-et-punir– the discussion of supplice is absolutely fascinating, and rewards close reading. At times it appears Foucault is…

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