Geologists say North Sumatra’s Mount Toba may erupt again, at any time

The Extinction Protocol

January 8, 2014INDONESIAGeologists and geophysicists say that Mount Toba, which erupted thousands of years ago, turning into Lake Toba, still contains a dangerous magma chamber and its activity needs further study. Indonesia Geological Experts Association president Rovicky Dwi Putrohari said the magma chamber could be observed in a study conducted by researchers recently. Rovicky added that researchers used the tomography method to detect the magma chamber. Researchers said the Mount Toba magma chamber was located at a depth of between 20 kilometers and 100 kilometers. “The method was used in the early stage of the study. Our researchers were able to find the location and dimensions of the magma chamber of Mount Toba. Later research will find out the potential volume of magma in the volcano for triggering an eruption,” Rovicky told The Jakarta Post on the sidelines of a joint conference between the Indonesian Geological…

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