The twenty-five most important academic books to me from 2013

Progressive Geographies

Some of my books of the yearNot ordered, not comprehensive, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some – and of course there are those I’ve not yet read or am unaware of… These are all academic books published in 2013, not drawn from all the books I read in the year, and the list of novels read will follow.

  1. Jacques Derrida, The Death Penalty, Volume I , translated by Peggy Kamuf (and see my comments here)
  2. Michel Foucault, La sociétépunitive, edited by Bernard E. Harcourt (see my initial thoughts here and here; review to follow in 2014)
  3. David Harvey, A Companion to Marx’s Capital, Volume II (see here)
  4. Louise Amoore, The Politics of Possibility: Risk and Security Beyond Probability
  5. Andrew Barry, Material Politics: Disputes Along the Pipeline
  6. Bradley L. Garrett, Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City
  7. David Farrell Krell, Derrida and our Animal Others (see here)
  8. Shiloh Krupar, Hot Spotter’s Report 

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