NATO States Display Anti-Russian Sentiment: Foreign Minister

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Voice of Russia
December 25, 2013

NATO countries show anti-Russian sentiment – Lavrov

NATO member countries show anti-Russian sentiments as they are guided by fears of the Cold War times, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov believes.

«It’s unproductive and short-sighted to be guided by fears of the long-gone times [the Cold War times],» the Foreign Minister said in an interview to RT television.

He noted that Moscow is interested in cooperation with its neighbors and developing ties with all these countries.

«But when they get together in the framework of NATO, all of a sudden anti-Russian sentiments spring up,» Lavrov added.

«Influenced by these sentiments, some European partners still want to maintain separating lines and even push them farther to the east. It’s fruitless to look at the situation on our huge continent, Eurasia, through the concept «our or alien, either with us or against us,» he said.

He also…

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