ERDOGAN’S BANKING SCANDAL: beneath the surface, a US-backed political earthquake may well be about to take place in Turkiye.

The Slog

gulen1Fethullah Gülen…who’s backing him?

The world was in mourning today as it became clear that Recep Erdogan of Turkiye had been hit over the head by a banking scandal. But things are somewhat confused as to why the flying missile has turned into «a corruption investigation involving state-run lender Halkbank».

Much as I dislike what Erdogan is obviously up to, this development has my nose twitching. Who – on a broader scale – wants Erdogan gone? Who is pummeling the Turkish currency to death? The answers for anyone with a brain must point across the Atlantic to our Special Relations.

This post is brief and to the point, in that I am begging a 60m Dollar Question. EU energy, Syrian politics, Greek debt, Russian blackmail, the rape of Cyprus, Israeli propaganda and Turkiye being rewarded for standing by NATO during the Chemical Weapons scam: why are Dark Forces now keen…

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