Oil war in South Sudan?

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This video says about itself:

South Sudan‘s ‘oil curse

8 Jan 2011

Sudan is Sub-Saharan Africa’s third largest oil producer, and with the referendum comes the crucial decision of how to divide its wealth.

If South Sudan breaks away, the North risks losing most of its foreign currency revenue – most of the known reserves lie in the south, which produces nearly 500,000 barrels of crude every day.

Paloich is one of the oil producing areas in South Sudan, but people from the area say the oil is threatening to be a curse, rather than a blessing.

Companies operating there are being accused of damaging the environment and failing to support the community.

By Patrick O’Connor:

US military forces mobilised amid South Sudan crisis

24 December 2013

The Obama administration has transferred about 150 Marines from Spain to Djibouti’s Camp Lemonnier base, home to the US…

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