David Tennant as Richard II @TheRSC – some thoughts

Progressive Geographies

David-Tennant_2705271bI went to see Shakespeare’s Richard II in Stratford yesterday. David (Dr Who) Tennant was King Richard, but a very strong cast generally – Oliver Ford Davies as the Duke of York, Michael Pennington as John of Gaunt, Nigel Lindsay as Henry Bolingbroke/Henry IV and Jane Lapotaire as the Duchess of Gloucester.

The reviews of this have been very positive. The two parts of Henry IV follow next year, and this is part of Gregory Doran’s plan to present the entire Shakespeare corpus over the next six years.

This is probably my favourite of Shakespeare’s history plays, and I’ve given two talks on it as part of the Shakespearean Territoriesproject – in Nottingham and Corner Brook, Newfoundland (neither were recorded, unfortunately). In those talks and the draft material for the book I’m most interested the spatial and geographical aspects, such as banishment, pilgrimage, and return; and in the economic…

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