Rich Spaniards richer, poor Spaniards poorer

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This video is called Spain’s monarchy in crisis – reporter.

This video is called Number of Spanish in severe poverty doubles.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Wealth gap widens as cuts hit poorest Spaniards

Friday 11th october 2013

Number of millionaires soars – as does poverty level

The gap between Spain’s rich and poor widened in 2012 as extreme poverty spread and the number of millionaires jumped, experts said yesterday.

The number of very poor people has doubled since the beginning of the economic slump in 2008, according to Catholic church charity Caritas.

More than 6 per cent of Spain’s population, or around three million people, lived on €307 (£261) a month or less last year, the organisation’s standard definition of poverty.

The top fifth most wealthy people in Spain were seven and a half times richer than the bottom 20 per cent, the largest gap in Europe…

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