Breaking wind: New fart danger looms as fracking experts flock to Fukushima

The Slog

Frightened f**kwits in final fracking foray bid

Tepco, operator of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant spilt another 250 gallons of highly radioactive water into the sea yesterday….because the tank containing it (as supplied by the General Electric Company) had no gauge to warn them when it was full. But General Electric spokesperson Earl Anwadder came out on the attack against critics of the GE plant.

«Look, who needs a gauge? You got eyes, right? I can’t help it if these mothers are all myopic. Right now we’re sick up to the back teeth with the media reporting every little leak,» he commented, «This is chickenfeed compared to the thousands of tons of shit we already put in the Pacific. I think people need to get real here. We are absolutely on top of this thing now, nailing a new roof on the tank so it can’t leak any more. People…

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