Ten Tips for Overcoming Discouragement

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Bubbly people drive me crazy. They’re out of touch with themselves, others, and the world.

Leaders who never feel discouraged are incomprehensible.

The number one regret of the dying


Don’t trust anyone who’s always happy,
excited, or pleased with life.


Every leader fights a never ending battle for improvement, growth, excellence, and progress. It’s the «never ending» part that gets you down.

Apart from intervention, discouragement sets in.

13 sources of discouragement:

  1. Allowing others to define you.
  2. Feeling out of touch when you thought you were in touch.
  3. Disappointing performance from teammates.
  4. Stalled progress.
  5. Falling short.
  6. Underutilization. You could make greater contributions.
  7. Details blocking progress.
  8. Feeling misunderstood.
  9. Closed minds.
  10. Loneliness.
  11. Toxic environments.
  12. Unavoidable disaster.
  13. Failed communication.

Every discouraged leader feels one or all of four things:

  1. Helpless.
  2. Hopeless.
  3. Disconnected.
  4. Exhausted.

Finding Encouragement


Bonnie Ware, palliative care nurse and author of, “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying,” explains the number one regret…

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