LABoraTORY: As creeping NHS privatisation continues, check out the Labour traitors

The Slog

37 Labour peers on the private health payroll

In 2006/07, NHS outpatient data indicated that there were 10 sites offering privatised treatment on the English NHS, reporting 15,000 first outpatient attendances; by 2010/11 this had grown to almost half a million outpatient attendances funded by the NHS across 161 private sector providers, accounting for 3.5% of all first outpatient attendances in the English NHS.

By 2012, a report was showing that the private sector was responsible for 17% of NHS hip replacements and NHS hernia operations in England. They were also involved in thousands of other procedures.

«F**king Tories,» you’d probably think. But if so, you need to think again. Labour’s support for the idea that «any willing provider»* should provide NHS services dates back to the publication in 2006 of ‘Our Health, Our Care, Our Say’. And in the meantime, Labour fatcats have been jumping on the bandwagon…

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