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Kraansvlak European bison, photo by Ruud Maaskant

Translated from Yvonne Kemp in the Netherlands:

Wisent group in Kraansvlak quadrupled in five years

Published by ARK on Friday, July 26th, 2013

In 2007, in the dunes of Zandvoort, the first Dutch European bison project started. This European bison group has quadrupled and now consists of 24 animals. The majority of these animals were born in the wild nature of the Kraansvlak.

In 2007, in Kraansvlak, in the Kennemerduinen area, the first three bison were released. The initial group was complete after a further three European bison from Poland were added a year later. Last May, three French bison bulls joined the group to bring fresh blood. The rest of the herd consists of animals born in Kraansvlak.

Wisent studbook

Since 2009, every year calves were born in Kraansvlak. They are named and included in the European bison studbook. It contains all the bison in the…

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