CRASH 2: Who will win the Apocalypse Stakes?

The Slog

This time, there are more than four riders

apocalypseThe folks at Zero Hedge (especially Mark J Grant) are now at the forefront of those convinced – as am I – that the days of madness are numbered. Nobody knows, of course, how many numbers are involved, whether we can trust the numbers, or even if they’re going forwards or backwards; but the point is, the future for globalist Friedmanism is now very obviously finite. Indeed what we have this still, hot July 16th 2013 is a surfeit of potential explosions to set off the chain reaction. It’s like facing Harold’s illegal accession to the English throne, Charles I dissolving Parliament, Jenkins having his ear cut off, the Sarajevo assassination, and the Nazi invasion of Poland all at once this weekend.

So in the light of this near-tumescent anticipation, The Slog this afternoon offers you clear guidance on the runners and…

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