Botanical garden bee-keeping

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This video is called Honey Bees – Life Cycle.

On 13 July 2013, to the botanical garden.

The botanical garden bee-keepers told about the honeybees there.

There are also insect hotels in the garden for solitary bees. A study will find out which solitary bee species use them. These hotels have also facilities for bumblebees to build nests. So far, they have not used this.

And there is space for butterflies to winter. However, so far 2013 is a bad year for butterflies; though a good year for bumblebees. A buff-tailed bumblebee sits on a flower.

Because of the cold spring, it is not a good year for honeybees. Eg, the chestnut tree flowers had much less nectar than usually. The keepers have to feed the bees sugar-water in order not to have them starving. So far, no honey harvest this year.

We do see bees drinking…

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