The Five Declarations of Leadership

Leadership Freak


Cowardly leaders love hiding in the dark. But, the best we can do is stumble when the lights are out.

Declarations shine light in darkness.

The five light-giving declarations of leadership:

  1. Declare yourself. Stop hiding, pretending, and losing yourself. People need to know who you are and what you are about. You are a light.
  2. Declare intentions. Explain intentions behind actions. Help people interpret you and understand what you’re after.
  3. Declare what you see. You don’t have to declare first but you must declare sometime. Perhaps it’s better to listen before you declare. But, declaring what you see establishes priorities, prevents posturing, clears clutter, honors success, and confronts failure.
  4. Declare questions, especially if they seem dumb, basic, or obvious.
  5. Declare what’s important.


  1. Define.
  2. Disturb.
  3. Disrupt.
  4. Describe
  5. Direct.

The five declarations of leadership enable effective decisions.

Dare to decide:

Indecisive leaders dampen enthusiasm, discourage effort, and derail progress.

  1. Decide people-decisions…

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