Local Democracy a la Gove: the fanaticism of the Education Secretary

The Slog

SLOG EXCLUSIVE: The real reason why Michael Gove foisted a Sikh free school on a Buckinghamshire village

goveglareGove…on his way to Downing Street – at our expense

The residents of Stoke Poges are up in arms about the DfE’s high-handed bullying tactics, and they have every right to be. But further sleuthing by The Slog reveals why Michael Gove has ignored localism, democracy and Green Belt laws to further his plans for a Sikh Free School in the village: he knows there wouldn’t be a cat in Hell’s chance of getting it through in Slough. Set out in this piece is a sorry, sick case history of how political ambition and a clash of outdated philosophies are perverting the very foundations of our culture.

Education Secretary Michael Gove said on BBC News on 22nd May last that «Free Schools are a brilliant example of local democracy». But the former Newscorp…

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