THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Creative human life is what matters, not controlling robotic systems

The Slog

We need incisive decision, not the Spanish Inquisition

spaninquisptThe more observant among you may have noticed that I’ve been banging on quite a bit over the last week about the loss of plot in relation to the relative importance of People and Systems. The main reason I think this to be a central cultural issue – apart from the obvious one that such plot-loss is a sign of madness – concerns the sheer expense in the long run of systemic-preference thinking. While I do think that by far the most deranged expression of this mindset was The Jobless Recovery, I return yet again to my desire for better governance.

The sums wasted by systemic obsession over the last sixty years are truly mind-blowing.

The day that architecture became the triumph of aesthetic ego and building method over social fitness for service was the day local government expenditure started on its…

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