Greek «Stone Story» Wins First Prize in SIFF

Νότια του Βασιλείου της Δανιμαρκίας

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Demetrios Georgalas‘s insight:

Twenty five movies selected among 2,064 entries from 90 countries  participated in the short film competition in SIFF. In the movie, which was screened at the 35th Greek short film festival in Drama, are featured: Giannis Andreou, Nikos Kambosos (shepherd), Bondosis Kokkonis (fisherman) and Iakovos Pitsikalis (shepherd’s assistant).

During a meditation exercise at the edge of a cliff, Thodoros, the main character, has a transcendent experience: his hand begins to sink into the stone. This weird procedure is abruptly interrupted by an unexpected event and as a result his hand remains trapped in the cliff. When finally, after a whole day he extricates himself with the help of a shepherd, he is in the strange situation to have a heavy stone, instead of a hand. How is he going to deal with it?

The Shanghai International Film Festival was…

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